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Dumont Tweezers from Electron Microscopy Sciences

Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete range of tweezers to meet your needs. The Dumont Tweezers are known all over the world for their high quality, durability and detailed engineering. The tweezers are available in sizes from 90 to 180 mm and in a range of designs to suit your application and preferences. Curved and angled tweezers will enable you to hold the tweezers at 90° or parallel to the job or in restricted spaces. Waffle tweezers are ideal for holding many objects. Negative action tweezers allow the grasping of an object without finger pressure. Please see the Tweezers type section for the complete catalog.

Tips on Tweezers

Biology tweezers tips are usually twice as thin as tips on regular tweezers. These are especially produced for high precision work under a microscope.

The Standard tips are used in high precision work including assembling under a microscope. These tweezers are often used in watch and jewelry making.

Electronic or industrial tips are designed for work that does not require high precision. All tips are hand finished and this may result in some slight variation in size. Pricing for these tweezers is very competitive.